Book Recommendations Misc. #1

The Clue series of mini-mystery books created by A.E. Parker

I don’t care how old you are; if you enjoy a wacky little mystery that you can read through and solve within fifteen minutes, you have to pick up one of the Clue mini-mystery collections.

Caught somewhere between Sherlock Holmes for the young’uns and the 1985 film, these Clue junior readers are anything but juvenile.

(Well, the humor can be a little sophomoric, but that’s all in keeping with the fun!)

Each short vignette falls somewhere between five and ten pages and features some sort of murder or heist that the reader must make sense of in order to deduce the perpetrator. Some do require the classic Clue solution of Who? Where? and With What? but not staying anchored to that formula allows the stories to breathe and explore new venues and crimes.

And don’t worry about Mr. Boddy getting killed in the very first story. Nothing that happens in a short stays permanent, though there is the occasional callback to a previous story. This gives the very tongue-in-cheek humor a whole other level to work from.

The practically non-stop joking throughout every single tale makes the characters’ personalities really shine. It even allows the bevvy of writers who worked on these things to challenge themselves and the readers further by purposely switching all of the personalities around in one story or making everyone sleepwalk in another.

All of that, plus the frankly legitimate challenge of figuring out whodunit by the end, makes the Clue series a must-have for any mystery connoisseur.


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