Book Recommendations Comic Book #1

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters Complete Collection by Mike Grell

Whenever the question of favorite superheroes comes up, my answer is immediate and unchanging. Green Arrow. I love that archer in any form.

Whenever people ask for GA comics they should check out, I never offer up The Longbow Hunters. Not because I forget about it or I don’t really think it’s that great. Quite the opposite of both.

I never recommend The Longbow Hunters because that’s a Green Arrow tale that you’ve got to earn. And with the increasing numbers of fledgling GA fans emerging from Television Land, I figure now is the perfect time to give you new recruits something to strive for.

Without wanting to give much away, the beginning of the Longbow saga presents Oliver and Dinah (Black Canary) heavenly happy together. But they’re not in the same place emotionally, and that leads to mounting tension. When things quickly escalate and climb swiftly out of hand in their crime-fighting lives, Oliver has to look deeper inside himself than he’s ever wanted to visit, wondering if he’ll emerge as anything close to the man that brought him to this place.

This is a deeply mature tale with some of the most fantastically beautiful panels to ever grace the Green Arrow universe. If you’re looking for a fun-time read, this is not for you. If you’re in search of a gateway into the GA comics, try again.

But if you think you’re familiar with Oliver Queen, point your bow toward The Longbow Hunters.


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